[2 hours] Ethical Corporate Culture [2023]


Starting Friday 16/7/2021

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This is a class based CPD training.

Ethics Management in corporate cultures:

The course “Professionalism in the Workplace” covers the essential topics of ethics instruction and professionalism in the workplace. Using the skills you learn from our ethics training program, you will be able to distinguish between morally right and wrong acts and behaviors in the workplace.

Being a professional entails conducting oneself morally, displaying integrity, treating everyone with respect, and taking responsibility for errors. Ethics education for managers and staff members may significantly improve how employees behave, towards others, clients, business partners, and environment.

Our choices have enduring consequences. Although they may appear benign, accepting gifts from a vendor or dating an employee who works for you are both conflicts of interest. Also our choices towards the environment and society through its corporate governance. Ethics should be part of corporate ESG practices.

Ethics should be incorporated in the corporate culture by leaders and management and this culture should be conveyed to followers.


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